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Clear Channel: September 11 & Corporate Censorship
Corporate censor no. 1, or just the market leader? A collection of articles on Clear Channel - including the debate on the infamous list of 'potentially offensive songs', which Clear Channel suggested its 1.300 radio stations not to play following the September 11 terrorist attacks in the US
01 December 2002
New code Down Under
Australians under 18 years old could soon be barred from purchasing CDs by artists such as Eminem, the Rolling Stones, and Tori Amos
13 November 2002
Turkish reforms music to Kurds ears
The Kurdish hills are alive with the sound of music now that key changes in Turkey have enabled Kurdish musicians to come out of the closet
22 October 2002
Aghan police beat musicians defying ban
Police beat two Afghan musicians and threatened to bomb their office for violating a local ban on music reminiscent of that imposed by the former Taliban regime
16 October 2002
Public Enemy vs MTV
MTV will not show the video for 'Gotta Give the Peeps What They Need'
14 October 2002
Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation employs Ian Smith laws
Article on Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation - still the sole broadcaster in Zimbabwe despite calls from all sectors of the media to free the airwaves
14 October 2002
Kurdish musician plays for freedom
Kurdish singer, Newroz, explains the impact that censorship has on his career
11 October 2002
China: Moon Hee-jun's song banned
The song "Media," included in Moon Hee-jun's second album, was banned by all three major broadcast stations (KBS, MBC, and SBS) for attacking mass media
30 August 2002
Turkey: Busdriver penalized for Kurdish music
Abdullah Yagan has been sentenced to 45 months imprisonment by the State Security Court in Diyarbakir for playing Kurdish music in his minibus
29 July 2002
Heavy sentence for singing in Kurdish
The National Security Court (DGM) of Istanbul has given between 3-9 years prison sentence to the band Koma Denge Asiti for performing in Kurdish. The band had been charged with "aiding and abetting the PKK"
04 June 2002
Eminem censors himself
Despite the liberal use of expletives in the average Eminem sentence it appears that Slim Shady draws the line at playing his music to his young daughter...
31 May 2002
Primal Scream change title and lyrics
The UK band have made a dramatic u-turn and re-recorded 'Bomb the Pentagon' in the wake of September 11
29 May 2002
Turkey: New media law heavily criticised
The Turkish parliament has approved a controversial bill that critics charge will further curtail press freedoms and strengthen media monopolies
16 May 2002
Freemuse nominated 'best music web site' at Webby Awards
The leading international honours for web sites, The Webby Awards, nominated for am award in the category 'Best Music Web Site of 2002'
01 May 2002
9/11: Is protest music dead?
Music used to be the dominant voice against war. Now it's easier to shut up and get paid. What's really going on? Extensive article on 9/11 effects and media concentration, by Jeff Chang
16 April 2002
Ban the bomb
Primal Scream's new album looks set to be banned in the U.S. - for featuring their controversial song 'Bomb the Pentagon'. The song, a bitter attack on US foreign policy, was premiered live just before the September 11 terror attacks
10 April 2002
The dangerous music
The adventures of Sulhattin Onen, a minibus driver who, by playing a Kurdish music cassette, had "aided and abetted the PKK". Onen was sentenced to 3 years in prison for playing Kurdish Music
10 April 2002
Local TV censored
A 200-year-old Kurdish song caused the closure last week of a television station operating in southeastern Turkey, home to the country's Kurdish population. Gun-TV was taken off air on Friday for one month after broadcasting the song
29 March 2002
Afghan music: Concerto for shattered instruments, broken lives and new dreams
Article on charity concert, organized by Freemuse report writer John Baily, and the BBC documentary 'Breaking the Silence - Music in Afghanistan'
10 March 2002
Breaking the Silence: Music in Afghanistan
BBC documentary by Simon Broughton on music after the fall of the Taliban in Afghanistan
01 March 2002
Ethnomusicological research in Afghanistan: Past, present, and future
Extensive article by John Baily on musical life in Afghanistan
01 March 2002
Hate music: Music With a Heart Full of Hatred
VH1 special on how music is used to promote racism
18 February 2002
Thomas Mapfumo returns to Zimbabwe
Interview with Thomas Mapfumo on his first performances at home in almost a year, his new album 'Chimurenga Rebel', and the prospects for Zimbabwe's immediate future
15 February 2002
Pre-election tension in Zimbabwe
In the run-up to the elections in March, artists in Zimbabwe fear that they may find themselves in trouble if their performance suggests criticism of the government
14 February 2002
Popular Iranian singer Googoosh kept out of the US
The U.S.-led war on terrorism has had unintended consequences on Iran's most popular artists, who are finding it almost impossible to practice their craft in the United States
10 February 2002
Lebanese censors seize hundreds of DVDs and three CDs
Lebanese police have confiscated 600 video-DVDs and three music-CDs from a Virgin Megastore in Beirut.
10 February 2002
Ngawang Choephel: For love of music
The story of Ngawang Choephel - a Tibetan musician, ethnomusicologist and filmmaker, who was sentenced to 18 years imprisonment by the Chinese authorities
20 January 2002
FCC Reversal: Eminem Not Obscene
The FCC has decided that it would not punish a local radio station for airing a bleeped-out version of 'The Real Slim Shady'
12 January 2002
U.S. Funding Effort to Preserve Afghan Music
US preservation grant launched a project to record the music of Afghan musicians now residing in Pakistani refugee camps
11 January 2002
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