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Kurds struggle to find voice in Turkey
As death threats and angry slogans greet a recent performance in Kurdish by one of Turkey's most popular singers, many human rights advocates in Turkey feel Ankara still has a long way to go to meet European Union standards on minorities
28 December 2003
Pakistan: The censored meet the censor
In the BBC4 programme "The Rock Star and the Mullah", Salman Ahmad, guitarist with Pakistani rock group Junoon, meet the men who banned music
18 December 2003
Viva Corporate Control!?
European independent music companies slam Universal's alleged payola deal with Viva to guarantee video-time for Universals' artists in return for payment
12 December 2003
Thomas Mapfumo denied visa
The US based singer was denied entry into Canada on his last tour
10 December 2003
Music provoke islamists on Pakistan campuses
A film student at Pakistan's biggest university in Karachi, produced a music video for his final-year project. But right-wing Islamic students opposed to holding art shows on campus attacked the student's exhibition and smashed the computer he had planned to use to screen it
27 November 2003
More mergers: consolidation in the music industry
With EMI, Warner Music, Sony and Bertelsmann racing to get regulatory approval for their planned mergers - what will consolidation mean for the music industry?
19 November 2003
Chinese punk band denied visas
China's only all girl punk band Hang On the Box have been forced to pull out of a UK tour after the Chinese government deemed their music as "inappropriate" and denied the band visas to travel
13 November 2003
American radio station bans Jethro Tull
Jethro Tull is off the play list of a classic rock station after the band's frontman criticized displays of the Stars and Stripes
13 November 2003
Spain: Manu Chao cancels show over political flap
Musician Manu Chao refuses to exclude Basque band member Fermin Muguruza because of his alleged 'ETA roots'
09 November 2003
Making Marx in the Music: A HyperHistory of New Music and Politics
Classical music and jazz seem to have a more long-term, measured, even sublimated approach to political protest, slower to react and more deeply embedded in the structure of the music itself
07 November 2003
French minister warns 'hate' rap bands over lyrics
The band Sniper has outraged deputies in the governing UMP party with "La France," a foul-mouthed anti-society rant that taps the deep sense of alienation of disaffected French youths
05 November 2003
China: "opium song" banned
Faye Wong's song In the Name of Love, which includes the lyrics "opium is warm and sweet", will be removed from her upcoming album
30 October 2003
Kenya: Students Burn School in Protest Over Disco Ban
Kenyan students set fire to their school, ransacked the kitchens and looted computers in a three-hour orgy of destruction after teachers banned video shows and discos
27 October 2003
NYPD reportedly stiffs Springsteen
After Springsteen played a controversial song during the Oct. 1 opening night at Shea Stadium, a high-ranking NYPD police official ordered that there would be no post-concert police escort for the Boss after his next show
01 October 2003
Cuba - US row over Grammy visas
The Cuban government has accused the United States of deliberately delaying visas to stop Cuban nominees attending the Latin Grammy Awards in Miami
09 September 2003
Freedom Highway - Songs that Shaped a Century
The widow of Chilean activist Victor Jara will participate in Freedom Highway (London, 19. - 22. September), a festival focussing on the powerful role of music in the political struggles and liberation movements of the 20th century.
27 August 2003
Nepal: Limitations on public performances for exiled Tibetans
Tibetan refugees living in Nepal face different kinds of limitations of their music - some inflicted on them by Nepalese officials, others self-inflicted "cultural considerations"
04 August 2003
Turkey: Singer Ferhat Tun
Singer and human rights activist Ferhat Tun
17 July 2003
Damon Albarn: Music is destroyed by censorship
The record industry exerts a covert censorship, which makes it difficult for musicians to express themselves freely, was the message from Damon Albarn, Tony Allen and Ty at the Roskilde Festival 2003
01 July 2003
Music during wartime
An extensive collection of links to articles related to how the war on Iraq affected freedom of musical expression - from American country albums being burned to the rise in protest music
10 June 2003
Nigeria report launched in Paris
Photos from the launch. Interviews with Tony Allen and Ray Lema
04 June 2003
Russian politicians: no McCartney in Red Square
A large group of Russian MPs is trying to ban a concert by Paul McCartney in Red Square
23 May 2003
Iraq's artists strive for freedom
Saddam Hussein manipulated artistic expression so completely that many musicians, writers and artists now wonder if they can ever again find their own voices
23 May 2003
"Rave Act" bill passed
The Illicit Drug Anti-Proliferation Act (also called the "RAVE Act"), which was attached to the AMBER Alert bill, passed both the House and Senate on April 10
14 April 2003
Moroccan musicians and fans free
The fourteen heavy metal musicians and fans were arrested in February in Casablanca and sentenced to jail from 2 months to 1 year
08 April 2003
Musicians claim police harassment
Pakistani musicians living near the country's border with Afghanistan have complained they are being harassed by hardliners attempting to stamp out music and movies
08 April 2003
India: Bhangra dance banned in Jamshedpur
A Sikh body in Jamshedpur has banned women from the community from dancing the vigorous Punjabi bhangra on the streets during celebrations
08 April 2003
Controversial cover
US rapper Paris' forthcoming "Sonic Jihad" album depicts a jet about to slam into the White House. The intention is to create a dialogue
03 April 2003
The Beginnings of Zimbabwean Protest Music
Extensive background information on the political music of Zimbabwe - with artists like Mapfumo, Brown, and Mtukudzi - and also dealing with the Zanu PF governments use of music as propaganda
01 April 2003
Zimbabwe: musicians get taste of army brutality
AS the Zanu PF government in Zimbabwe tightens its grip on power, musicians are increasingly being caught up in what has become an orgy of police and army brutality
31 March 2003
Ry Cooder fears Cuban ban
After the US Government banned Ry Cooder from working with musicians from Cuba, Cooder says his latest collaboration with Cuban musicians could be his last
19 March 2003
UK licensing bill defeated
Controversial bill defeated in the House of Lords - but has yet to be discussed by MPs
17 March 2003
China 'orders Stones songs ban'
The Chinese Government has ordered the Rolling Stones to drop four of their best-known songs from their concerts in the country next month, according to a tour organiser
13 March 2003
Moroccan heavy fans jailed
Fans have been jailed in Casablanca for moral and religious crimes. According to the judge, "normal people go to concerts in a suit and tie"
07 March 2003
The day protest music died
Pop music played a crucial role in the national debate over the Vietnam War. By the late 1960's, radio stations across the country were crackling with blatantly political songs that became mainstream hits
05 March 2003
UK licensing bill
Latest on the controversial Licensing Bill
05 March 2003
Zimbabwe: Singing The Walls Down
Protest music is alive and well in Zimbabwe, where the oppressed and the impoverished find hope and strength in the songs of Thomas Mapfumo and Oliver Mtukudzi. Extensive article, including interviews with Mapfumo and Mtukudzi, as well as with government officials
23 February 2003
Killer "acted out" Eminem song
A teenager who acted out the brutal lyrics of a song by controversial rapper Eminem has been jailed for life
28 January 2003
Singing Kharabat's praises
Several musicians have been beaten up, while many have received insults and threats. But the musicians of Kabul tries to defy the violent and abusive conservatives
24 January 2003
Malaysia: Music and moral
Radio stations in Malaysia have been told to submit scripts of live programmes before they are broadcast
22 January 2003
Afghans ban cable TV
''We are Afghans, we are Muslims, we have Islamic laws and values in our country.''
22 January 2003
Eritrea bans Ethiopian songs
Bar and music shops owners have been told not to play Amharic music in public
21 January 2003
Return of the "Rave Act"
Proposed US law can shut down raves
21 January 2003
Dangerous Music
Listen to 2nd World Conference on Music and Censorship broadcast from Radio Netherlands . Interviews with Gerald Seligman, Executive Committee member of Freemuse, Farhad Darya ( Afghanistan), Sanar Yurdatapan (Turkey)
08 January 2003
Cuba: Rap and censorship
Articles on alleged censorship in Cuba
03 January 2003
Music and Fundamentalism in Nigeria
Article by Freemuse report writer Jean-Christophe Servant on music and Shariah law
01 January 2003
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