News 2007

Mexico: Trumpet player brutally murdered
Mexican trumpet player Jos
19 December 2007
Iraq: Film about the heavy metal band Acrassicauda
The documentary film 'Heavy Metal in Baghdad' documents how Iraq's only heavy metal band, Acrassicauda, had to escape the country and is now literally a band on the run
18 December 2007
Turkey: Singer Ferhat Tun
A Turkish court decided to postpone the next trial of the Turkish-Kurdish singer with five months, until May 2008
17 December 2007
Israel / Palestine: Orchestra prevented from entering Gaza
An international orchestra was refused to perform in Gaza after its sole Palestinian member was prevented from entering the Gaza Strip
17 December 2007
Pakistan: Musicians and singers live in danger
A complete ban on all singing and dancing has been implemented in Mingora city in northern Pakistan. The singers and dancers have been thrown out of business
13 December 2007
UK: Brighton first city to outlaw 'hate music'
The British seaside town Brighton has become the first place in the UK to ban music that "incites hatred towards minorites"
06 December 2007
Denmark: Exiled Kurdish singer awarded
On 29 November 2007 the Danish Refugee Council awarded Mizgin, a Kurdish refugee musician based in Denmark, with an 'Artist Award' and 5,000 US dollars
05 December 2007
Mexico: Murders of Mexican musicians
Violent assaults on popular Mexican figures - which includes musicians such as Sergio Gomez and Zayda Pena - increase as battles for drug dealing territories intensify
05 December 2007
Iran: Official campaign against rap music
Iranian police have been instructed to close rap studios in an official nationwide campaign to stamp out "obscene" rap music, reported Agence France Presse and BBC News
04 December 2007
Belarus: Musicians removed from 2004-blacklist
After a meeting between in Minsk on 21 November 2007, the musicians who were blacklisted in 2004 are now allowed to perform live and to be played on air in the radio
29 November 2007
Newsletter no. 5 / 2007
Freemuse Newsletter no. 5 / 2007
28 November 2007
Zimbabwe: How musicians avoid censorship
In Zimbabwe, musicians manage to evade censorship by creating songs with double-meaning. And sometimes they get away with it, reports Freemuse's correspondent
28 November 2007
Zimbabwe: Profile of Thomas Mapfumo - 'the Lion of Zimbabwe'
Throughout years of struggle, Mapfumo has been an important revolutionary figure in Zimbabwe - fighting with the power of music.
27 November 2007
Freemuse Award 2008
A Freemuse Award will be presented for the first time in 2008. The first person to recieve the award will be announced on the Music Freedom Day, 3 March 2008
26 November 2007
Freemuse campaign: Visa issues kill music
In collaboration with international artists organisations Freemuse launches an investigation of visa and work permit procedures in order to influence policy makers
26 November 2007
'Freemuse Ambassador' plays Nobel Peace Prize concert
'Freemuse Ambassador' Salman Ahmad and his band Junoon joins major artists from all over the world at the Nobel Peace Prize Concert in Oslo, Norway, on 11 December 2007
26 November 2007
Taiwan, Province of China: History of Holo pop songs censorship
Holo pop songs that were banned during Kuomintang rule took center stage in 2007 during a series of 'forbidden songs concerts' sponsored by the Government Information Office
22 November 2007
Afghanistan: Broadcast of Colombian singer censored
A performance by the Colombian pop star Shakira has provoked a row between the Afghan government and the country's independent media
20 November 2007
Turkey: Radio station to court for playing a song
15 November 2007
Nigeria: Banned song became duo's break-through
The debut song of Nigerian duo Zule-Zoo was banned by the Nigerian Broadcasting Corporation. Instead of silencing them, the ban actually helped making it a nation-wide hit
15 November 2007
Jonas Otterbeck: Islamic reactions to the music of today
A working paper, 22 pages in PDF-format, to be published as a chapter in the book 'Religion, Media, and Modern Thought in the Arab World', Cambridge Scholars Press Ltd.
13 November 2007
Palestine: Islamist reactionary groups threaten American pop stars
Pop stars Madonna and Britney Spears will have their "heads cut off" if they continue "spreading Satanic American culture", threaten militant groups in Palestine
13 November 2007
Nigeria: Kano state bans all films from carrying music
Kano state in northern Nigeria recently banned all films from carrying music, wrote Elizabeth Dickinson from Kaduna on 28 October 2007.
06 November 2007
Chiwoniso Maraire
Video interview with Chiwoniso Maraire together with Chirikure Chirikure and Paul Brickhill about their personal experiences with music censorship in Zimbabwe
05 November 2007
Belarus & Ukraine: Musicians and fans stopped on their way to festival
On 22 September 2007, about 100 people and a bus with Belarusian musicians going to a rock festival in Ukraine were stopped by Belarusian police forces before entering Ukraine.
05 November 2007
Brazil: Drug barons ban music in their areas of Rio de Janeiro
Universal rights of freedom of expression are seriously violated in the suburbs of Rio de Janeiro where bandits and drug barons control and manipulate its inhabitants
01 November 2007
Turkey: Kurdish singer Ferhat Tun
Singer Ferhat Tun
01 November 2007
Taiwan, Province of China: Ban on Tibetan rapper promoted sales of his album
A religious group in Taiwan managed to get the government to ban the singer Singa Rinpoche from entering the country for one year. The ban only increased his popularity
30 October 2007
Zimbabwe: Protest singer Viomak challenges Mugabe's regime
Exiled Zimbabwean singer Viomak challenges the Mugabe regime, and she is well aware that by doing so she puts her life at risk
30 October 2007
Spain: Guernica celebrated Freemuse in 'Festival Against Censorship'
A packed concert hall in Guernica greeted Ray Lema and his trio on 28 October 2007 as the African piano veteran concluded the second 'Festival Against Censorship'
29 October 2007
Estonia: Banned choral singing became a Singing Revolution
The documentary film 'The Singing Revolution' shows how choral music played an imporant role in the small Baltic country's struggle against its occupation
24 October 2007
Zimbabwe: Urban grooves blacklisted by state radio
Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation, ZBC, has issued a directive to producers to 'drastically' reduce the number of urban grooves musicians on air
24 October 2007
Afghanistan: Bomb hits music shop
A bomb exploded in a music shop in a small town in Eastern Afghanistan and hurt the shopkeeper
23 October 2007
Afghanistan: Famed exiled singer returned after 18 years
One of "Afghanistan's living treasures", Ustada Farida Mahwash stepped foot in Afghanistan for the first time in almost two decades to give a series of benefit concerts
23 October 2007
Tanzania: Pressured to stop performing for opposition party
Interview with Tanzanian composer and performer Mzee Seif Thabit who says he has been censored for his alignment with opposition political parties
22 October 2007
Venezuela: Spanish singer banned from state-owned stadium
Due to a statement criticising the Venezuelan president three years ago, the Spanish singer Alejandro Sanz was banned from performing in a state-controlled stadium
19 October 2007
UK: Reggae star banned from entering Great Britain
Jah Cure recently served eight years in prison for rape and robbery, and is now banned from entering the UK. Activists claim that his concerts would be an insult to rape victims.
18 October 2007
USA: Lebanese musician denied use of theatre
Marcel Khalife often speaks for reconciliation, resulting in bans in the Middle East. Ironically one of his concerts was rejected in the US, accused of being "unbalanced".
14 October 2007
USA: Disney criticised for stopping heavy metal concerts
Why has the heavy metal genre now been labeled "inflammatory" and their fans "undesirable? at House of Blues venues in Anaheim and Orlando?
11 October 2007
Pakistan: String of bomb attacks on CD shops across the northwest province
Religious militants have blown up numerous music shops in the northwest region. On 9 October in Peshawar a bomb blast damaged almost all 40 shops in Hussain CD market
11 October 2007
Germany: Exhibition about East Europe's censored rock music
On 7 October 2007 the KLIPZENSORED exhibition opened in Berlin. It presents music clips that for various reasons weren't shown or played in the former European East Bloc
11 October 2007
Spain: Two weeks of festival against censorship
'Festival Against Censorship' takes place in Bilbao and Gernika-Lumo in October 2007 in Spain. Freemuse participates in a seminar
10 October 2007
Turkey: Singer Ferhat Tun
The Turkish-Kurdish singer Ferhat Tunc could leave Izmir High Criminal Court as a free man on 4 October 2007. The Freemuse delegation succeeded it's mission
04 October 2007
Morocco: In jail for singing anti-monarchy protest chants
Seven Moroccans have been imprisoned for, on 1 May 2007, chanting protest slogans against the monarchy and for freedom of expression
03 October 2007
Turkey: EU Commission to observe Tun
Senior Political Advisor Ms Selma Kili
03 October 2007
Ferhat Tun
International campaign in support of musician on trial for remarks on Kurdish issue. Freemuse request the Turkish State to drop its case against singer Ferhat Tun
02 October 2007
Canada: Reggae shows cancelled after protests
Jamaican reggae stars Elephant Man and Sizzla have been forced to cancel two concerts in Toronto, Canada, after locals protested against their homophobic lyrics
02 October 2007
Tanzania: Hip-hop musicians threatened by religious group
'Stern and prompt measures' will be taken against any musician who use the name of Jesus Christ in song lyrics, warned a religious spokesperson to the newspaper Majira
01 October 2007
Turkey: Delegation in support of Ferhat Tun
EU-politician and famous Danish musician join Freemuse delegation, travelling to attend the court case in Turkey against Kurdish singer Ferhat Tun
27 September 2007
Iran: Musician bypasses censorship on the internet
To Iranian artist IO the publishing of his new album is a victory over censorship. He could not have it published in Iran, but now it is available world-wide via the internet
27 September 2007
Myanmar/Burma: Flow of secret music files
Exiled Burmese musicians develop alternative communication channels, and their music is being smuggled across borders and distributed secretly within Burma via the internet
27 September 2007
Press release: EU-MP joins Freemuse at Tunc court case in Izmir
This Freemuse press release was sent via e-mail to 312 journalists and media houses world-wide on Thursday 27 September 2007 at 16:11 GMT
27 September 2007
Turkey: A personal letter from musician Ferhat Tun
A personal letter from Kurdish-Turkish musician Ferhat Tun
25 September 2007
СКРЫТАЯ ПРАВДА Belarus report
Музыка, политика и цензура в Беларуси Лукашенко
24 September 2007
Norway: Exhibition about freedom of expression
On 25 September 2007, the Nobel Peace Center in Oslo opens the exhibition 'Freedom of Expression - How Free is Free?'
19 September 2007
Pakistan: Attack on hotel where music was played
Dozens of local Taliban extremists attacked and ransacked a hotel in Mingora in Pakistan's North West Frontier Province, because people were dancing and playing music there
18 September 2007
China: Once banned Taiwanese singer regains popularity
Beijing officials who seven years ago banned the music of Taiwan's pop star A-Mei now use her name to improve political ties between mainland China and Taiwan
17 September 2007
Iran: 'Rap-e-Fars' - Persian rap and the Iranian rap scene
Although the Persian rap, 'Rap-e-Fars', is illegal in Iran it is very popular among Iranian teenagers. An article about the underground Iranian rap scene
17 September 2007
Zimbabwe: Police cancel music show
For the second time in 2007, the police has stopped a Radio Dialogue community function in Bulawayo.
06 September 2007
USA: Gangsta rap condemned by local police
The police in Colorado Springs publicly condemned the music genre gangsta rap in a news release after a killing in July 2007, writes The New York Times
05 September 2007
Newsletter no. 4 / 2007
Freemuse Newsletter no. 4 / 2007
04 September 2007
Afghanistan: Wedding musicians out of work because of religious ban
Musicians in the Balkh province are out of work since a new fatwa - a ban - was issued on wedding parties by a religious council in July 2007
30 August 2007
Sierra Leone: Interview with Daddy Saj
Freemuse interviewed Daddy Saj in August 2007 to learn more about his imprisonment and about music censorship in the country
29 August 2007
Sierra Leone: Death threats to musicians
Two well-known musicians wrote a song in support of a political party. Soon after they received death threats from their political opponents and had to go in hiding.
28 August 2007
USA: Music tv channel bleeps the word 'suicidal'
The American rapper Sean Kingston was afraid to feel suicidally heartbroken. But MTV and some radio stations have chosen less dramatic versions of the summer hit.
28 August 2007
Pakistan: Taliban group issues new ban on sale of music
If you sell music CDs and cassettes in Zargari and other areas in the North West Frontier Province of Pakistan, you will now be fined 50,000 rupees
23 August 2007
3rd Freemuse World Conference - report
Read all the speeches and testimonials from the 3rd Freemuse World Conference on music censorship, held in Istanbul in 2006
20 August 2007
USA: The US rock group Pearl Jam's anti-Bush statement censored on webcast
Parts of a Pearl Jam live concert webcast was left out by the main sponsor AT&T. When the lead singer sang "George Bush, leave this world alone" transmission was interrupted
15 August 2007
Malaysia: Student faces imprisonment for "seditious" rap
Malaysian authorities to act against student over "seditious" national anthem rap on YouTube, reports Southeast Asian Press Alliance
13 August 2007
Jamaica: Dancehall star signs the Reggae Compassionate Act
Reggae and dancehall star Buju Banton is the fourth artist to sign the 'Reggae Compassionate Act' which is part of the gay rights campaign 'Stop Murder Music'
09 August 2007
Germany/Russia: Was Hitler listening to 'forbidden' music?
A record collection possibly belonging to Adolf Hitler has been found. It includes works by prominent Russian composers and Jewish musicians
09 August 2007
Iran: About 230 people arrested during a 'satanistic' music event
As part of an annual summer crackdown on "immoral behavior" about 230 people were arrested during a police raid on an underground rap and rock concert
07 August 2007
Pakistan: Religious music prohibition discussed in popular movie
Feature film about a musician who gets inspired by a cleric to give up music for religious reasons became Pakistan's highest grossing movie of all time
06 August 2007
Sweden: Explicit lyrics cause heated debate about women's sexuality
After being banned on two regional radio stations, the lyrics of a song by Frida Muranius are debated in newspapers, radio, web forums and court yards all over Sweden
11 July 2007
Iran: Gradual changes through modern technology
The daily pan-Arabic newspaper Ashark al Awsat reports that changes are introduced gradually among the citizens of Iran - despite official bans and censorship.
04 July 2007
UK: Tory leader calls for ban on violent lyrics
On 4 July 2007, David Cameron renewed his call for the music industry to "show leadership" by banning violent lyrics from songs, reported The Guardian.
04 July 2007
Pakistan: Religious extremists destroyed 25 music shops
In June 2007 alone, there were more than 20 bomb attacks on music shops in north-west Pakistan. On 4 July, five more music shops were set ablaze with petrol
04 July 2007
Freemuse: Religious fanatics a threat to music
Freemuse presentation at the IASPM conference for popular music researchers from the whole world - in 2007 held in Mexico City
27 June 2007
Turkey: Ferhat Tun
Despite death threats and continuous court cases, Turkish singer and writer Ferhat Tun
25 June 2007
Ivory Coast: Artists attacked during demonstration against bootleggers
During a demonstration against piracy, the reggae artist Fadal Dey and the pop musician Gbazza Figaro were attacked and knocked unconscious by bootleggers throwing stones.
25 June 2007
Poland: Anti-sect organisation blacklists metal and rock bands
A list of artists with a "dangerous message" will be distributed to the Polish authorities and will likely result in the artists getting banned from performing in Poland.
21 June 2007
Somalia: Young rap group rails against conservative Somali Muslims
Waayaha Cusub, a group of young Somali refugee musicians in the Kenyan capital Nairobi, advocates freedom of musical expression in Somalia
12 June 2007
Statement against the use of music as torture
Freemuse supports the Position Statement on Torture adopted by the British Society for Ethnomusicology
11 June 2007
Turkey: Deceased Kurdish singer Ahmet Kaya still controversial
Ahmet Kaya (1957-2000) remains controversial seven years after his death. On 4 June 2007 three people were attacked for wearing a T-shirt with the printing of his name
07 June 2007
Zimbabwe: Radio programme about music censorship
Radio programme about music censorship in Zimbabwe - with radio manager K. Nyoni, lawyer K. Phulu, poet A. Nyathi, and radio presenters R. Moyo and S. Mkhithika
07 June 2007
Vietnam: British pianist banned from performing
Award-winning British concert pianist Stephen Hough has had a planned performance in Hanoi cancelled, evidently over his gay identity
30 May 2007
Australia: Didgeridoo concert cancelled
A concert in Broome in North West Australia featuring didgeridoo player William Barton was cancelled after local Aboriginal leaders said the instrument was "taboo"
30 May 2007
Turkey: Kurdish singer on trial for praising rebel leader
On 22 May 2007 a prosecutor demanded that a Kurdish singer be sentenced to five years in prison for performing a song that praises imprisoned Kurdish rebel leader
29 May 2007
Denmark: Reggae concert under close surveillance
200 activitsts demonstrated against Jamaican rapper and DJ Elephant Man in Copenhagen on 21 May 2007 because he has incited to violence against homosexuals in his songs
23 May 2007
Chechnya: Recording songs of defiance and survival
The compilation album 'Songs of Defiance' was recorded and compiled by Michael Church. In this article he tells how he was arrested while recording a choir in North Ossetia
21 May 2007
Chechnya: Music of defiance published on CD
Some performers of the compilation album 'Songs of Defiance' have gone into protective self-exile. Even outside Chechnya, recording them is officially discouraged
21 May 2007
Middle East: Dossier on music, bans and censorship
The internet portal has produced a dossier entitled 'Middle Eastern Musical Worlds'. It includes issues of music bans and censorship in the Islamic world
16 May 2007
USA: Printing plant refused to print 'satanic' album cover
A forthcoming death metal album from Akercocke has caused uproar amongst religious groups in Ireland and USA. A US printing plant has refused to print 'satanic' material
16 May 2007
Selda Bagcan: speech - November 2006
Video of Turkish singer Selda Bağcan's testimony at the third Freemuse World Conference where she speaks about her personal experiences with music censorship in Turkey
15 May 2007
Iran: Prohibition of music in holy city
In a speech in official Friday praying on 11 May 2007 the Imam of Mashhad banned practicing of music and ordered to close all of the music institutes in the holy city
15 May 2007
Song for Music Freedom Day 2008
Recorded for Freemuse and the Music Freedom Day, the rap song '152 mesures contre la censure' features 10 rappers who are concerned with censorship issues in Algeria
15 May 2007
Rabah Donquishoot
Video interview with Rabah Donquishoot from the Algerian rap group MBS about the situation in 2006 concerning music censorship in Algeria
14 May 2007
Newsletter no. 3 / 2007
Freemuse Newsletter no. 3 / 2007
10 May 2007
Afghanistan: Music download shop attacked, two killed
Two people were killed and several wounded by a bomb that exploded in a music download shop in Afghanistan's south-eastern town of Khost on 22 April 2007
09 May 2007
Belarus: Fear of ban of rock band's album launch
The popular Belarusian rock band Krama doubts if they will receive permission from authorities for the launch of their new album 'Krama', but the musicians are defiant to play
09 May 2007
Freemuse enters MySpace
If MySpace was a country it would be among the ten largest countries in the world. On 2 May 2007, Freemuse became a citizen there. Read why Freemuse has entered MySpace.
08 May 2007
Pakistan: Intensified campaign against music
Religious militants in north-western Pakistan continue violent attacks on property belonging to people who sell or listen to music
08 May 2007
'Shoot the Singer!' launch in Italian language
'Sparate Sul Pianista! La Censura Musicale Oggi' is the title of 'Shoot the Singer' in Italian, launched at the Torino International Book Fair on Saturday 12 May 2007
07 May 2007
Australia: Rock band self-censored over fear of influencing trial
The Australian rock band Powderfinger has changed the lyrics to one of its songs on its forthcoming album over fears it could prejudice an upcoming court case
07 May 2007
Burkina Faso: Death threat against reggae radio host
Singer and radio host Karim Sama received warning that he "will be gunned down" over commentary that is critical of the government
03 May 2007
USA: Folk singer Joan Baez 'disinvited' by army officials
American folk singer Joan Baez was forbidden to participate in John Mellencamp's concert at Walter Reed Hospital where he performed for wounded troops on 27 April 2007
03 May 2007
Cuba: Imprisonment made Gorki stronger
Gorki Aguila is back full force. The Cuban music rebel was praised for his courage in a report on the American news network CNN on 23 April 2007
01 May 2007
Bangladesh: Music tv channels banned to protect local culture
The Bangladeshi government banned transmission of Music India and nine other foreign tv channels for broadcasting programmes contrary to the "culture and values"
01 May 2007
China: Danish rock band requested to change lyrics
In order to be allowed to perform in China, the Danish band Rock Hard Power Spray had to change the title of one of their songs
01 May 2007
Turkey: Two musicians sentenced to 10 months in prison
A lawsuit was filed against folk singer Pınar Aydınlar (Sağ) and the Group Munzur members
01 May 2007
Iran: 'Half Moon' - film about women's right to sing
'Half Moon' is a prize-winning feature film which talks of women's right to perform in public, and to participate in the artistic development of a land
25 April 2007
Iran: Six musicians arrested
Authorities in Iran have reportedly detained at least six members of underground music bands and shut down their studios, Radio Farda reported
24 April 2007
Pakistan: Music business faces serious threats in North West Pakistan
1,200 owners of music centres have been warned by Islamic hardliners to close down, and on 21 April 2007, three more video and music shops were blown up by a bomb
23 April 2007
Bahrain: Freemuse declaration read aloud
A request to Bahranian politicians in response to fundamentalist attacks on culture festival
18 April 2007
Pakistan: Religious extremists request radio to stop its music programmes
Dera Radio was asked by unknown callers to stop it's music programmes because they are "un-Islamic" and "against shariate"
18 April 2007
Marcel Khalife's video statement - مارسـيل خليفة يَتحدَّث
Video statement from Lebanese singer Marcel Khalife on the 'Spring of Culture' affair in Bahrain
11 April 2007
Turkey: Singer Ferhat Tun
"It is us who have killed Hırant Dink. Now it's time to kill Ferhat Tun
10 April 2007
Turkey: Punk band faces jail over 'offensive' song
The five members of the punk band Deli from Bursa face up to 18 months in jail for having insulted the country's unpopular university entrance exam in a song
10 April 2007
Pakistan: Music CDs burned in the streets of Islamabad
Emotionally charged religious youth screamed slogans against perceived immorality as they burned a pile of music CDs and cassettes in Pakistan's capital on 6 May 2007
08 April 2007
Fermin Muguruza
Video interview with musician Fermin Muguruza about his experiences with music censorship in Spain: Its mechanisms, its impact on the artist, and the fear of music
04 April 2007
Pakistan: Fear and persecution follows Afghan musicians
The fear and persecution which forced Afghan singers to leave their country now has followed them to their exile in Peshawar in Pakistan
04 April 2007
Bahrain: Responses to attack on Khalife and Haddad
Statements from Marcel Khalife & Qassim Haddad, Freemuse, and intellectuals from the Arab world regarding the attack on "Spring of Culture" performance in Bahrain
30 March 2007
Kenya: Improved space for political lyrics
Popular Kenyan singer and songwriter Eric Wainaina compliments the government for not trying to strain his freedom of expression
29 March 2007
Zimbabwe: Dispute over gospel music album cover
The release of the gospel album 'Zim-Praise Volume 1' has allegedly been stopped by Zimbabwian authorities because of its cover photo, writes The Zimbabwe Standard
29 March 2007
Tobago: Religious call for ban on gay pop star ignored
Christian church leaders in Trinidad & Tobago demanded the British pop star Sir Elton John be banned from performing in their country because he is gay. The call was ignored.
28 March 2007
Switzerland: Call for ban on 'satanic' Swiss Eurovision song
A political party submitted a petition against the Swiss Eurovision Song Contest entry 'Vampires Are Alive', saying that the song's lyrics promote Satanism and the occult
28 March 2007
Bahrain: Marcel Khalife causes fury among Islamists
Members of parliament in Bahrain attacked performance by Lebanese composer Marcel Khalife as being a violation of Islamic morals and sharia laws
27 March 2007
Israel: Censorship controversy over Israeli Eurovision song
A Finnish official tried to ban the Israelis' song from the Eurovision song competition because of its "offending lyrics". The song, however, was approved.
27 March 2007
Iraq: Musicians and music listeners get killed
Musicians, music shop owners and music fans flee from death squads of Islamic extremists in Baghdad. It is no longer safe to sell music in central and southern Iraq
20 March 2007
Pakistan: Islamic music prohibition discussed on Danish tv
'Our prophet was born to do away with music', a mullah from Pakistan's second-largest mosque was quoted as saying on the Danish tv-channel DR1 on 18 March 2007
19 March 2007
Pakistan: Extremists kill one, injure two in music shop attacks
Extremist religious groups intensify their campaign against all forms of entertainment in north-west Pakistan. Attacks on music centres left one killed and two seriously injured
18 March 2007
Newsletter no. 2 / 2007
Freemuse Newsletter no. 2 / 2007
16 March 2007
Bashar Shammout: Freemuse and the Middle East
Video interview with the Bashar Shammout, member of Freemuse's executive committee. He speaks about music censorship in the Middle East, and Freemuse's work there
15 March 2007
Pakistan: Music and video shop blown away
"Close within three days - or you will be blown away." This threat by the religious extremists became reality when a video centre was blown away on 13 March 2007
15 March 2007
Pakistan: Music centres threatened by religious extremists
A campaign launched by a religious leader against listening to music has taken a dangerous turn in Swat Valley of North-West Frontier Province, reports our correspondent
10 March 2007
Norway: Musicians persecuted in the name of God
In a leading Norwegian newspaper, priest Carl Petter Opsahl lists about a number of cases where musicians have been censored and persecuted on religious grounds
05 March 2007
Pakistan: Fine for playing music in taxi, music shop attacked
The Taliban in Pakistan's in tribal areas bordering Afghanistan are imposing a fine of 500 rupees for any one playing music in public, reports several news agencies
03 March 2007
Senegal: Rappers' quest for change
During the last seven years, there has been a frightening rise in the number of censorship attempts on musicians, outspoken activists and journalists in Senegal
02 March 2007
Lebanon: Hip hop band's censored album debut
The Beirut-based rap duo Ashekman has come up against censorship several times in its young career, reports The Daily Star, as they are about to publish their debut album
02 March 2007
USA: Grammy awards to blacklist songs containing the n-word
New York's City Council has asked The Recording Academy, home of the Grammys, not to nominate musicians for Grammy awards if they use the word 'nigger' in their lyrics
01 March 2007
South Korea: Censors attempted to silence hip hop group
Because they talk about social issues the South Korean Ministry of Culture and Tourism has tried to censor their songs, tells the top-selling Korean hip hop group Epik High
01 March 2007
Pakistan: Bus drivers threatened not to play music
An organisation called Mujahideen Bajaur has warned public transport drivers in Bajaur region to stop the "un-Islamic act" of playing music in buses
28 February 2007
Indonesia: Ed Edy and Residivus face jail for singing 'dog' about police
One song and the use of one word, 'anjing', has left the musicians of Ed Edy and Residivus facing 18 months in prison on the Indonesian island of Bali
26 February 2007
Namibia: Radio stations ban Afrikaaner song
Two Namibian Afrikaans-language commercial radio stations have banned South African musician Van Blerk's song 'De la Rey' because of the controversy surrounding the song
26 February 2007
Canada: Public radio explores music censorship issues
In a series of provocative documentaries, news features and interviews, the public service radio in Canada explores some of the issues around music and censorship
22 February 2007
UK: Avoid 'harmful forms of music' in state schools, says Muslim council
Muslim Council of Britain has published recommendations on how music lessons should be taught to Muslims in state schools in the United Kingdom
22 February 2007
Pakistan: Music video about 9/11 censored
The Pakistani-Canadian rock group Falak has been blacklisted on MTV Pakistan. Their song 'Yadein II' is deemed too controversial because of its 9/11 images
21 February 2007
Ruba Saqr
Video interview with the Jordanian singer Ruba Saqr about the situation concerning music censorship and self-censorship in the Middle East
19 February 2007
New Zealand: Indonesian embassy stops musical performance
At a festival in New Zealand an audio-visual composition which focus on the indigenous people of Indonesia was withdrawn after presure from the Indonesian embassy
19 February 2007
Denmark: Focus on arguments against religious music prohibition
Salman Ahmad visited Copenhagen in February 2007 to introduce the screening of the documentary film, 'The Rock Star and the Mullahs'
15 February 2007
Sierra Leone: Musicians stopped from entering the political arena
A performance of Sierra Leone artist K-Man was stopped due to an on-going debate as to whether it should be forbidden for musicians to be politically active in campaign rallies
14 February 2007
Belarus: 'Hidden Truths' report appendix - audio and video
Online appendix to the Freemuse report on music censorship in Belarus, 'Hidden Truths', with links to and information about seven Belarusian songs - six audio files and one video
12 February 2007
Belarus: 'Hidden Truths' report appendix - song lyrics
Online appendix to the Freemuse report on music censorship in Belarus, 'Hidden Truths', with links to and information about seven Belarusian songs - six audio files and one video
12 February 2007
Declaration demanding abolishment of Turkey's Article 301
29 non-governmental organisations have released a joint declaration demanding abolishment of Article 301 of Turkish Penal Code and other articles violating freedom of expression
12 February 2007
USA: Dixie Chicks' triumph over censorship: Five Grammys
It was a victory over censorship and death threats when Dixie Chicks 'swept' the most prestigious honours in the global music calendar, the Grammy Awards
12 February 2007
Grup Yorum
Video interview with three members of Istanbul-based Grup Yorum about their personal experiences with music censorship in Turkey
09 February 2007
UK: City council proposes ban on 'murder music'
Brighton and Hove City Council may become the first in United Kingdom to place a ban on music which encourages violence towards minority groups, reports The Argus
08 February 2007
Roger Lucey
Video interview with musician and journalist Roger Lucey about his personal experience of music censorship in South Africa in the 1970's. "It is death to the artist", he says.
06 February 2007
Signature song for Music Freedom Day 2007
Recorded for Freemuse and the Music Freedom Day, the song 'Navai' features the Iranian singer Marjan Vahdat in a musical collaboration with the British guitarist Jason Carter
06 February 2007
Maxwell Sibanda: Music censorship in Zimbabwe
Video interview with Zimbabwean journalist Maxwell Sibanda about the situation in Zimbabwe in 2006 concerning music censorship
31 January 2007
Maya Medich & Lemez Lovas: Music censorship in Belarus
Video with anthropologist Medich and musician and journalist Lovas who explained about music censorship in Belarus at the Third Freemuse World Conference in 2006
31 January 2007
3 March is 'Music Freedom Day 2007'
Magazines, radio and tv broadcasters world-wide focus on music censorship in the days leading up to 3 March
25 January 2007
Sweden: rap band taken to court for 'hate speech'
Two members of a rap band from the south of Sweden are taken to court accused of 'hate speech' after a concert in Landskrona in 2006
25 January 2007
Newsletter no. 1 / 2007
Freemuse Newsletter no. 1 / 2007
24 January 2007
Three films about music and Islam hit Scandinavia
Pakistani rock star Salman Ahmad and editor Simon Broughton visit Denmark and Sweden in February 2007 to show three documentary films about music and Islam
24 January 2007
Freedom of musical expression in Belarus - report
Freemuse turns its attention to Belarus - an authoritarian former Soviet country buffering the EU and Russia where many Belarusian rock musicians have been banned
23 January 2007
Jason Carter
Video interview with musician Jason Carter about his experience of music censorship and music prohibition in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East
22 January 2007
Turkey: One more judicial inquiry against singer Ferhat Tun
Another "judicial inquiry" has been opened against Ferhat Tun
19 January 2007
Counterterrorism gives new vigour to censorship
The "war on terrorism" poses growing threat to free expression, warns Human Rights Watch in its '2007 World Report'
18 January 2007
Fadal Dey
Video interview with Fadal Dey about the situation in 2006 concerning music censorship in C
16 January 2007
Denmark: Politician requests "total boycott" of hip hop band
Right-wing politician Kenneth Kristensen, chairman of the youth branch of Danish People's Party, called for a "total boycott" of the hip hop band Outlandish
14 January 2007
Mirwaiss Sidiqi: Music in Afghanistan 2006
Video interview with Mirwaiss Sidiqi about the situation in Afghanistan in 2006 concerning music - and the Taliban's religous ban on music
11 January 2007
Mario Masvidal: Music censorship in Cuba
Video interview with the Cuban professor Mario Masvidal about the situation in Cuba in 2006 concerning music censorship
09 January 2007
USA: Censorship allegation increases media attention
The popular web sites iFilm and YouTube were claimed to have censored an anti-jihad music video from the Atlanta-based rap metal group Stuck Mojo.
03 January 2007
India: Complete ban on music in West Bengal village
Since May 2006, no music has been played in the West Bengal village Kanupur because of a religious 'fatwa' on music
03 January 2007
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