News 2008

North-west Pakistan: Jihadi hymns replace music
The rapidly growing influence of the Taliban in Pakistan's North West Frontier Province has left the areas' singers and musicians with few choices
29 December 2008
Somalia: Two radio stations closed down for airing music
Somali Islamist groups have unleashed a renewed crackdown on radio stations in the areas under their control for airing music and music-related programmes.
29 December 2008
Afghanistan: Musicians kidnapped by Taliban
Six Afghan musicians have been kidnapped by the Taliban for defying a ban on music
17 December 2008
Cameroun: Campaign for release of Lapiro
Vigier, the company that has supplied the singer Lapiro de Mbanga with a guitar, launches a new campaign for the release of the Cameroonese musician
17 December 2008
Pakistan: Musician threatened in Karachi
Musician and singer Noel Jamshaid was threatened by unidentified persons in Karachi, wrote Minorities Concern of Pakistan
08 December 2008
Ethiopia: Teddy Afro sentenced to six years in prison for hit-and-run incident
Popular Ethiopian reggae singer and opposition political icon Teddy Afro was sentenced to six years in prison for hit-and-run death of a homeles
08 December 2008
Aziza Brahim
Video interview with Aziza Brahim - a Sahrawi singer who was born in a refugee camp in Algeria - about music censorship in Western Sahara
07 December 2008
Rwanda: Singer sentenced 15 years prison for incitement
One of Rwanda's most famous singers, Simon Bikindi, was convicted on 2 December 2008 for his direct and public incitement to commit genocide
03 December 2008
USA / UK: Norwegian singer Deeyah wins Freedom Award
Deeyah, an exiled Norwegian singer and activist, was awarded with ArtVenture's 'Freedom to Create Prize' at a ceremony in London on 26 November 2008
27 November 2008
China: American band Guns 'N' Roses' new album banned
Guns 'N' Roses new album, 'Chinese Democracy', is allegedly banned from importation into China - apparently because of its name
27 November 2008
Iraq / USA: Interview with exiled oud player
Interview with Iraqi oud player and composer Rahim AlHaj - a former political prisoner of Saddam Hussein who escaped Iraq and relocated to the US, New Mexico, in 2000
26 November 2008
Iraq: Musicians take up their instruments again
As the civil war in Iraq appears to be fading, so does the pressure on musicians and the ban on music by the Mehdi Army's and Al-Qaeda's militiamen
24 November 2008
Iran: Rap singer believed to be arrested
The alleged arrest of rapper and singer Tataloo is debated in online Persian rap forums. Rumours says that Tataloo has received a three-year jail sentence
21 November 2008
Iran: Trial against two Kurdish singers
Two Kurdish singers are to be sentenced for "propaganda against the [political] order", reported Sh
21 November 2008
Myanmar/Burma: Hip-hop performer sentenced to six years in prison
Hip-hop star Zayar Thaw was sentenced to six years imprisonment by a Rangoon court on 20 November 2008 for his involvement in anti-regime protests
21 November 2008
Denmark/Sweden/Germany: In court for selling Nazi music
Two men were arrested in Denmark on 27 August 2008 for allegedly distributing recordings that have been deemed illegal because of their extremist content
18 November 2008
Somalia: 32 traditional dancers lashed in public
On 14 November 2008 an Islamist group arrested and whipped 25 women and seven men because they had been singing and dancing
18 November 2008
Myanmar/Burma: Musican Win Maw sentenced to six years in prison
Musician Win Maw received a sentence of six years imprisonment by a closed court in Rangoon's Insein Prison on 11 November 2008, relatives reported
14 November 2008
White paper launched at Womex: 'Visa issues - the discordant note'
White paper on visa issues launched at an international music trade fair: 'European countries need to make visa procedures more flexible, transparent and homogenous'
31 October 2008
Pervaiz Akhtar
Pakistani musician Pervaiz Akhtar, today based in Denmark, explains (in Danish language) about his personal experiences with music censorship in Pakistan
29 October 2008
Spain, Bilbao: 'Fight censorship with humour', suggested author Antonia Gala
Author Antonia Gala said that "censorship must be fought with humour" when participants of the Festival Against Censorship met in a three-hour roundtable in Bilbao
27 October 2008
China: Western religious music banned
Western musicians and tour organisers have encountered difficulties with performances in China due to a tightened political control over the arts and Christianity.
23 October 2008
USA: Opera composer says he is 'blacklisted' by US authorities
Composer John Adams told BBC he is now 'blacklisted' and followed by US security forces because he wrote the controversial opera 'The Death of Klinghoffer'
23 October 2008
Kuweit: Concert closed for 'defying the conservative traditions'
The Kuwaiti department for monitoring public entertainment abrubtly ended a concert by the Egyptian singer Tamer Hosni because of a kiss
23 October 2008
Mali: Religious song self-censored from computer game
The launch of a new Sony computer game has been delayed because of sung verses from the Qur'an which are feared to cause anger among religious groups
22 October 2008
Pakistan: Death threats from the Taliban made singer flee his country
Haroon Bacha, a 36-year-old Pashtun singer, fled his homeland and is now in the US where he is doing performances, reported New York Times on 12 October 2008
20 October 2008
Pakistan: 'The Miscreants' - The popular culture of war in Pakistan
Documentary and fiction is mixed in this film by Australian director George Gittoes who based himself in Peshawar for six months to talk to religious leaders of the region
20 October 2008
Newsletter no. 4 / 2008
Freemuse Newsletter no. 4 / 2008
09 October 2008
Somalia: Attacks on music practitioners
Report of a one-day seminar about music censorship and attacks on music practitioners in Somalia, held at Hotel Sahafi in the Somali capital Mogadishu, on 3 July 2008
09 October 2008
Spain: Bilbao festival against censorship
Artists from Iran, Zimbabwe and Palestine are featured at this years' Festival Against Censorship in Bilbao in northern Spain on 18-26 October 2008
09 October 2008
Video interview with Colombian rappers and protest musicians Don Vito and Medina explaining why their colleagues in the band Pasajeros were imprisoned and exiled
08 October 2008
Bellavista Social Club
Video interview with Colombian rappers and protest musicians Don Vito and Medina of Bellavista Social Club about their experiences of persecution
08 October 2008
Cameroun: Singer sentenced to three years in jail
Lapiro de Mbanga was sentenced to three years in jail for taking part in anti-government riots. He is the author of several songs criticising the Cameroonian government.
25 September 2008
Israel: British musician defied death threats by militants
Paul McCartney defied death threats by religious militants in the Middle East before his concert in Israel where he performed for 40,000 fans on 25 September 2008
25 September 2008
France: Rap musician acquitted of 'defamation' charges
On 23 September 2008, rap musician Ham
25 September 2008
Israel: Conference about 'music on troubled soils'
Musicians, politicians and experts gather in Jerusalem, Israel, on 23-26 October 2008 to discuss the role of music in troubled regions such as Israel, Cyprus and South Africa.
22 September 2008
Burma / China / Cote d'Ivoire: 'An Independent Mind'
Tiken Jah Fakoly, who received the Freemuse Award 2008, is one of the main characters in a new documentary film, 'An Independent Mind' about freedom of speech
22 September 2008
Turkey: Busdriver convicted for playing Kurdish song
A court in Diyarbakır sentenced the busdriver Mustafa T
08 September 2008
Turkey: Jail sentence to Kurdish folk singer
Folk music singer Hasan Sağlam was sentenced to 10 months' imprisonment because he sang a Kurdish song at the Munzur Festival in Tunceli in 2007
08 September 2008
Tiken Jah Fakoly
Video interview with the West African reggae singer Tiken Jah Fakoly, recorded in Dublin on Saturday 23 August 2008 in connection with the Freemuse Award 2008 ceremony
04 September 2008
United Arab Emirates: MTV Arabia refrain from playing music videos
MTV in the Middle East - MTV Arabia - announced on 20 August 2008 that it will mark the holy month Ramadan by refraining showing from music videos
01 September 2008
Cuba: Musician Gorki Aguila released
After receiving a fine for civil disobedience, punk-rock singer and musician Gorki
30 August 2008
Cuba: Musician Gorki Aguila arrested again
According to members of his band, punk-rock musician Gorki Aguila has been arrested and faces up to four years' imprisonment for 'social dangerousness'
27 August 2008
Freemuse: Award ceremony in Dublin
"We have to continue questioning corruption and poverty in Africa," said Tiken Jah Fakoly as he received the Freemuse Award at the Festival of World Cultures in Ireland
25 August 2008
China: Online music store blocked because of pro-Tibetan album
Access to Apple's online iTunes Store has been blocked in China after it emerged that Olympic athletes have been downloading a pro-Tibetan music album
21 August 2008
Iran: Organiser of music concerts executed
On 4 August 2008, 28-year-old Yaghub Mehrnahad, a education activist and concert organiser, was executed, reported several human rights groups
21 August 2008
United Arab Emirates: American hit song banned
'I Kissed a Girl' provokes controversy and has been banned from radio stations in Dubai for containing lyrics that 'depict sexuality, lesbianism and promiscuity', reported Gulf News
20 August 2008
Freemuse Award to Tiken Jah Fakoly
The first Freemuse Award is given to Tiken Jah Fakoly from C
20 August 2008
Canada: Country rock band defies "unofficial ban" from radio
The Canadian country rock band Dry County feel they've been "unofficially banned" from the music industry. Freemuse asked the band's manager to elaborate
18 August 2008
Europe / USA: Pressure on Muslim women to stay out of music
When a woman tries to break into the growing scene for Islamic hip-hop in United Kingdom she is often intimidated, or even threatened, reported the New Statesman
18 August 2008
Freemuse Award statuette created by world-renowned glass artist
World-renowned Swedish glass designer G
18 August 2008
India: Live music banned, concert cancelled
A clampdown on live music and discotheques in Bangalore began around 1 August 2008, reported The Indian Express
14 August 2008
Myanmar/Burma: Introduction to Burma's dangerous hip-hop scene
An animated video by Scott Bateman and Edith Mirante.
12 August 2008
Zimbabwe: Musician asks: why do you ban my music?
In an open letter, musician Leonard Zhakata asks the country's ruling party ZANU-PF: "Why do you ban my music from being played on ZBC tv and radio?"
11 August 2008
Cameroun: Appeal for songwriter detained for his lyrics
International Pen Writers in Prison Committee sent this appeal on 7 august 2008 protesting the arrest and four-month detention of singer-songwriter Lapiro de Mbanga
07 August 2008
Newsletter no. 3 / 2008
Freemuse Newsletter no. 3 / 2008
06 August 2008
Ethiopia: Teddy Afro's trial takes a strange twist
The defence lawyer of imprisoned musician Teddy Afro and an editor-in-chief of a local newspaper which interviewed the lawyer were arrested in Addis Ababa on 4 August 2008
06 August 2008
Turkey: Interview with exiled musician Fuat Talay
Baglama-player and singer Fuat Talay speaks about how the Turkish authorities kept him in a police station's cellar for 23 days, and later on convicted him to 12 years in prison
04 August 2008
Commentary: Motley Crue, open your ears to Middle East bands
Author Mark LeVine asks the heavy metal band Motley Crue: "Why not really make rock history and open your Make Rock History contest to bands from around the world?"
01 August 2008
Somalia: Musician gunned down by militiamen
On 21 July 2008, militiamen from the Somali Islamist groups, armed with pistols, gunned down musician Omar Nur Basharah in the capital Mogadishu
23 July 2008
Russia: Government plan to ban emo and goth music
Russian lawmakers propose to ban teenage subculture music styles such as emo and goth from the country's schools. Emo music fans protested on 19 July 2008
22 July 2008
China: Authorities stricter on foreign performers
"Any artistic group or individual who have ever engaged in activities which threaten our national sovereignty will not be allowed in," the Chinese Ministry of Culture stated
22 July 2008
Book by Mark LeVine: 'Heavy Metal Islam'
American author and historian Mark LeVine has published a book about the special role of Heavy Metal music in the Middle East and its relationship with Islam: 'Heavy Metal Islam'
16 July 2008
Cameroun: Singer taken to court in chains
Lapiro de Mbanga was in chains when he was brought to a court room on 9 July 2008, accused of causing anti-government riots. His case was adjourned to 23 July
15 July 2008
Ethiopia: No release for singer Teddy Afro
Teddy Afro is still imprisoned after he appeared in court again on 4 July 2008. "The authorities are framing a popular singer," writes Tsigue Shiferaw
14 July 2008
Afghanistan: Short video about music and 'community censorship'
In a short documentary video about music and 'community censorship' in Afghanistan, the 19-year-old Afghan singer Mariam says she gets verbal abuse all the time
14 July 2008
Yemen: 18 months in prison for 'insulting the president'
Singer Fahd al-Qarni was said to have 'insulted the president', and for this he recieved a prison sentence of 18 months and he must promise never to sing again
14 July 2008
Somalia / Somaliland: University students obstructed music event
The students of the University of Hargeisa rejected and obstructed a celebration for the World Music Day, which was scheduled to take place on 21 June 2008
08 July 2008
Somalia: Bloodshed continues and music disappears
Radical Islamist groups have unleashed a renewed crackdown on music, cinemas, and music-related events
04 July 2008
Myanmar/Burma: Interview with exiled musician Mun Awng
Mun Awng is a musician who left Burma to make music freely and in hope of improving the political situation in his country
01 July 2008
A documentary film about the punk-rock and metal musicians rebelling against the bureaucracy and imposed conformity of the Castro regime
01 July 2008
Sweden: Teacher fired because of his music
A Swedish school teacher was kicked out after only one week's employment. The reason? He played in a heavy metal band, reported the Swedish Broadcasting Corporation
27 June 2008
France: Rap musician under legal fire for 'defamation'
For the last six years one of France's leading underground rap groups, La Rumeur, has been locked in a legal battle against current French president Nicolas Sarkozy.
26 June 2008
Sudan: Censored singer tries to reform Janjaweed 'hate singers'
While struggling with censorship in Khartoum, the Sudanese singer-songwriter Abazar Hamid hopes to bring peace to Sudan with his music, reported Stephanie McCrummen
24 June 2008
Turkey: Arrest order for director of childrens' choir
Three members of Diyarbakir Yenisehir Council Childrens' Choir were acquitted, but the Turkish court issued an arrest order for the director of the choir, Duygu Bayar
23 June 2008
Somalia: Musician murdered by men armed with knives
In the early hours of 18 June 2008, the musician Abdulkadir Adow Ali was stabbed to death in Mogadishu
20 June 2008
Singapore / United Kingdom: Launch of award for repressed artists
Article 19 and ArtVenture are seeking to "find light in darkness and courage in truth" with a newly established 100,000 US dollars 'Freedom to Create Prize'
18 June 2008
Turkey: Banned rapper did not back down
In 2000, a song by Turkish rapper Sultana was banned, and she disappeared from the lime light. After an eight-year hiatus she is now back on the music stage
18 June 2008
Zimbabwe: Two men arrested for listening to banned music album
Job of a secret police officer in Zimbabwe now hangs in balance. His offence: he was linked to music that is deemed to be 'sensitive' by president Robert Mugabe's regime
18 June 2008
China: Tibetan musicians arrested and "effectively silenced"
Since March 2008, the Tibetan singers Drolmakyi and Jamyang Kyi, and musician Lhundrup have been arrested and held in custody by Chinese authorities
17 June 2008
Malaysia: Two singers deemed "unacceptable to Islam"
The youth wing of Malaysia's opposition Islamic party will stage a peaceful protest if the two singers Mas Idayu and Ella are not banned from a 6 July concert
17 June 2008
Zimbabwe: Two musicians in hiding from police
Two musicians who are facing charges of singing songs that are 'sensitive' failed to appear in court, and now a magistrate court has issued a warrant of arrest for them
12 June 2008
Somalia: 30 musicians lashed by religious militia 12 years ago
Somali woman singer tells the untold story of how, in 1996, local Islamic court's militia raided a concert in Mogadishu, and sentenced the musicians to 20 lashes each
10 June 2008
North Korea: Three years in prison for simply singing a wrong song
Because she had sung a South Korean folk song and taught it to four others in 1992, North Korean Ji Hae Nam (Hae-Nam Ji) was imprisoned for three years and tortured
09 June 2008
Turkey: Three children stand trial for singing a march in Kurdish
Three members of a Kurdish children's choir face prison charges by Turkish prosecutors for simply singing an old Kurdish song
09 June 2008
Iraq: Students are still hiding their instruments
Students of Iraq's Music and Ballet School still risk being attacked because of their love of music. This article summons the latest news from the musical life in Iraq.
05 June 2008
Saudi Arabia: Interview with founder of thrash metal band
Faisal Al-Alamy is founder of the Saudi Arabian thrash metal band Octum. They released a demo entitled 'Fighting For Freedom' in January 2008
04 June 2008
Chile: New evidence lead to reopening of Victor Jara case
On 3 June 2008 a Chilean judge reopened the murder case of folk singer Victor Jara who was tortured and killed in 1973
04 June 2008
Zimbabwe: Censorship does not silence music
Many songs of Zimbabwean music star Leonard Zhakata have been blacklisted by the state broadcaster. This has not silenced him, though
03 June 2008
France: Petition to remove ban on Roma music at religious festival
An online petition seeks to have a ban lifted on playing music in the streets during the Roma people's annual pilgrimage in Saintes Maries de la Mer
03 June 2008
Zambia: Musicians blacklisted because they refuse to pay bribes
"Many musicians have their music blacklisted because they refuse to pay bribes," the Zambian reggae musician Maiko Zulu told BBC News on 30 May 2008
03 June 2008
Turkey: Singer Ferhat Tun
On 28 May 2008 Ferhat Tun
29 May 2008
Tanzania: Authorities raise concerns over performers' style of dressing
The National Arts Council of Tanzania (BASATA) has threatened a ban to three dance and music bands for their stage shows' alleged semi-nude clothing
29 May 2008
Saudi Arabia: Musicians' freedom expanded
There has been a quiet, yet marked increase in cultural activities in Saudi Arabia during the past couple of months. New music bands emerge and blossom on the internet
27 May 2008
Zimbabwe: Censored musician launches internet 'protest radio'
Voto Radio Station invites all protest singers whose work is banned in Zimbabwe to use it as a platform where they can musically voice their concerns without fear of repression
26 May 2008
Ethiopia: Three witnesses testify in musician's trial
Singer Teddy Afro appeared in court on 21 May 2008. This fifth hearing allowed the prosecution to introduce its key witnesses to the court
26 May 2008
Canada: Jamaica-boycott called off
The Canadian group that called for a boycott of Jamaica unless the country's government take action on homophobic violence has called it off after recieving an official letter
22 May 2008
Denmark: Activist campaigns against online sales of 'murder music'
Online music stores that sell so-called 'murder music' (reggae with lyrics inciting to violence against homosexuals) receive complaints from Danish gay rights activist
22 May 2008
Pakistan: Music breaks chains in North West Pakistan
The melody of Pashto music that has been in chains for the last five years has now found a way to bless the hearts of its lovers with a renewed zeal and life
21 May 2008
Iraq: Religious restrictions cause singers to flee
Iraqi singers are fleeing the country after dozens have been killed by Islamic radicals determined to eradicate all culture associated with the West
20 May 2008
Turkey: Singer B
The famous transsexual singer B
19 May 2008
Chile: Colonel charged with the murder of musician Victor Jara
35 years after the torture and murder of the renowned Chilean folk singer and composer Victor Jara, a retired army colonel has been charged with the killing
19 May 2008
Myanmar/Burma: Musician Win Maw arrested
International PEN calls for immediate release of Burmese musician Win Maw, arrested in November 2007 and is said to be seriously ill as a result of torture in detention.
15 May 2008
Canada: Silencing Jamaican musicians fuels censorship debate
A Canadian coalition calls for a boycott of Jamaica by 12 May 2008 if the country's government doesn't take action on homophobic violence.
08 May 2008
Ethiopia: Popular protest singer imprisoned
On 16 April 2008 the Ethiopian reggae singer Teddy Afro was suddenly arrested and charged with causing the death of a young man. His fans believe he was framed
07 May 2008
South Africa: Rap song banned for incitement to violence
The song 'Get Out' by Zimbabwean-born hip-hop artist Zubz was banned on the South African Broadcasting Corporation, SABC.
07 May 2008
Zimbabwe: Duo have to come back to court in June
A Harare magistrate has remanded out of custody two musicians who are facing charges of singing songs that are 'sensitive'
07 May 2008
Newsletter no. 2 / 2008
Freemuse Newsletter no. 2 / 2008
06 May 2008
Freemuse: Meeting the International Music Council in Brno
Freemuse held talks with the Advocacy Working Group and the International music Council at a meeting in Brno, the Czech Republic, in April.
06 May 2008
Mozambique: City authorities called rapper in for questioning
The rap artist Azagaia was summoned before prosecutors to explain the allegedly violent lyrics of a song he has written about the February 2008 riots in Maputo
06 May 2008
It can be cool to be censored
When an artist is banned, it often sparks intense media intention and publicity. Here are just a few examples, including an Australian 'Gallery of bans'
05 May 2008
Bahrain: Parliament's attempt to ban singer failed
Bahrain's Islamist parliament members wanted to ban the Lebanese singer Haifa Wehbe from performing in the country because of her sexy looks. They were not successful
05 May 2008
Myanmar/Burma: Musicians are being arrested
Two members of the controversial - and popular - Burmese hip-hop group Acid have been arrested, along with the lead guitarist in Shwe Thansin group
30 April 2008
World-wide: Calls for censorship of 'indecent' songs
Where to draw the line and when to actually ban a song because it is considered indecent, profane, immoral or offending against the recognised standards of propriety?
30 April 2008
Tibet, the A.R. of China: Singer and song-writer detained without charges
Jamyang Kyi, prominent Tibetan singer and a song-writer, internet writer and feminist activist, was arrested on 1 April 2008 and is held without charges by Chinese authorities
28 April 2008
China: Tightened control over cultural activities
The Chinese Ministry of Culture announced on 26 April 2008 that China will tighten up controls over cultural activities and products ahead of the Summer Olympics
28 April 2008
Iran: Setar master openly critised ban on women vocalists
Musician Mohammad-Reza Lotfi said at a press conference that he wishes to eliminate Iran's prohibition on solo vocal performances by women
28 April 2008
Jamaica: Dancehall artist banned for his 'gangsta lyrics'
In January 2008, a performance by Jamaican dancehall artist Mavado was banned by authorities in St. Vincent because his lyrics which are considered to be violent
28 April 2008
Campaign: Urge for immediate release of Cameroonian musicians
Freemuse joins campaign supporting the two musicians arrested in Cameroun
25 April 2008
Campaign: Urge for immediate release of Tibetan singer
Freemuse joins campaign supporting the Tibetanian singer and song-writer arrested by Chinese authorities
25 April 2008
China: Country profile
In China, the censorship authorities act with the aim of protecting its citizens against "mental contamination" and its government against criticism.
25 April 2008
Campaign: Urge for immediate release of Burmese musician
Freemuse joins campaign supporting Win Maw, arrested on 27 November 2007. His arrest is thought to be part of the wider crackdown on pro-democracy activists.
25 April 2008
Tanzania - Zanzibar: 'Give sex or be blacklisted'
Why do we see and hear little of women musicians in Zanzibar? Report from an island where parents and husbands are at the core of strong 'cultural censorship'
24 April 2008
Cameroun: Imprisoned for singing 'Constipated Constitution'
Two musicians in Cameroun have been imprisoned for criticizing constitutional amendments which allows the country's president unlimited terms of office
24 April 2008
Zimbabwe: Singing for the opposition is a crime
Five days in prison and a possible sentence of up to two years imprisonment has not deterred two protest Zimbabwean singers from continuing to sell their new album
23 April 2008
Somalia: Dilemmas facing Somali music and musicians
Somali musicians struggle with financial hardships and self-censorship issues, and some are dying of hunger and diseases in Somalia
23 April 2008
Afghanistan: New media restrictions according to Sharia law
A letter from the Ministry of Culture and Information stated that "everything which is against the Sharia laws should not be printed, broadcasted, audio/video telecasted"
21 April 2008
Finland / Sweden / Norway: The destruction of a minority's music culture
Ethnomusicologist Ilpo Saastamoinen shares his insight and personal experiences with the oppression of S
21 April 2008
Nigeria: Actor jailed for releasing an uncensored music video
The actor Adam A. Zango was imprisoned for producing and releasing an uncensored hip-hop video. The incident was a result of restrictions within the kannywood film industry
09 April 2008
Tanzania: Political pressure and corruption silence musicians
Interview with Tanzanian musician Muumin Mwinjuma who says political pressure and corruption lead to music censorship
08 April 2008
Turkey / Germany: Panel debate about Turkish censorship
On 4 April 2008, protest singer Ferhat Tun
08 April 2008
United Nations resolutions justify censorship
In March 2008 the top United Nations rights body the Human Rights Council passed two resolutions that limit freedom of expression, say numerous human rights organisations
03 April 2008
Mexico: Emo fans under attack
"Kill the emos," shouted assailants who had organised an attack on a trio of skinny long-haired teenage fans of the music style emo, reported AFP
02 April 2008
Afghanistan: Restrictions on music discussed in parliament
A commission for cultural and religious affairs in Afghanistan's lower house of parliament suggested to impose new restrictions on music and dance performance
02 April 2008
Kris Kristofferson
Video interview with American folk singer Kris Kristofferson about his personal experiences with music censorship in USA - and in Russia
31 March 2008
Mari Boine
Video interview with Norwegian and S
31 March 2008
Beate Slydal: About the Turkish Penal Code Article 301
Excerpt of political scientist Beate Slydal's presentation at the seminar 'Music - a human right', held in Oslo, Norway, on Music Freedom Day, 3 March 2008
28 March 2008
Zimbabwe: Protest musician overcomes obstacles
Raymond Majongwe could not find anyone who would print or publish his music within the country. He had to resort to foreign lands for recording his new album
26 March 2008
China: Authorities considered tightening control of foreign artists
During a concert Bj
26 March 2008
Maldives: 22 religious scholars say Islam prohibits music
A video presentation showed the scholars against a backdrop showing a symbol of crossed-out musical notes, each saying in turn that they believe music is forbidden
25 March 2008
Germany / Denmark: Controversy around erotic drawing on vinyl cover
The rock band Baby Woodrose experienced trouble in connection with the re-issuing of Blows Your Mind. The printer refused to print the cover portraying a nude woman.
18 March 2008
China: Censorship of American jazz concert
American jazz pianist Harry Connick Jr. was forced to make last-minute changes to his show when he performed with his band in Shanghai on 8 March 2008
14 March 2008
Colombia: FARC ideologue and musician killed
Colombian military forces have killed a rebel organisation's revolutionary songwriter, Julian Conrado
13 March 2008
Afghanistan: Singer becomes symbol in the struggle for music freedom
18-year-old Lima Sahar has placed herself in the middle of Afghanistan's continous gender and music struggle. She could become the winner of the tv show 'Afghan Star'
13 March 2008
Zimbabwe before the elections: Airplay is only for the "patriots"
While the radio keeps rotating songs that praise the current regime, opposition and dissenting voices are silenced, and things fall apart, writes Maxwell Sibanda from Harare
10 March 2008
Cuba/USA: Music Freedom Day sparks emotional debates on Cuban blogs
3 March has fuelled interesting and revealing debates on past and present accounts of censorship in Cuba. The 'blogger-universe' hosts the exchange of opinions.
06 March 2008
Congo-Brazzaville: Music Freedom Day a successful cultural event
Music Freedom Day marked by the cultural organisation Erwill Promo Entertainment and celebrated with live music as well as debate.
05 March 2008
Kuwait: Music shops closed
Music shops in Kuwait have been closed on the claim of defending morals and Islamic obligations, reported Arabic Network for Human Rights Information on 6 February 2008.
05 March 2008
Afghanistan: Singing ban is illegal, says governor
During Music Freedom Day 2008, governor Ata Mohammed Noor announced that he would try to solve the problem with the ban preventing male artists from singing at weddings
04 March 2008
Newsletter no. 1 / 2008
Freemuse Newsletter no. 1 / 2008
03 March 2008
Freemuse Award announcement at Music Freedom Day 2008
Announcement of the first Freemuse Award winner: Tiken Jah Fakoly from C
03 March 2008
Zimbabwe: Banned singer released her third protest music album
Exiled Zimbabwean singer Viomak released her third protest music album, 'Happy 84th birthday President R.G Matibili (Great Son of Malawi)' on 21 February 2008
29 February 2008
Germany: New archive of music which the Nazis silenced
Center for Ostracized Music aims to recover and revive the forbidden musical voices from the Nazi regime in Germany 60 years ago. Currently it holds 400 works of 50 ostracized composers.
29 February 2008
Freemuse: Music and resistance during apartheid
The event "Snuten, s
28 February 2008
Radio Freemuse: 'Music censorship in Africa 2008'
Listen to or download a 15 minutes radio report explaining about music censorship in Africa today. Hear what the African musicians have to say themselves about the topic
27 February 2008
Mexico: Folk musician murdered
The Mexican folk musician Jes
26 February 2008
Afghanistan - special report: The cage is singing
Freemuse Special Report, 'The cage is singing', is an in-depth report with ten video interviews and a book about music censorship in Afghanistan - past and present
25 February 2008
Zhakfar Hussaini
Video interview with a music censor. He worked as a censor in Afghanistan Writers Association in Balkh in 1986-1992
25 February 2008
Aiab Gul Delshad
Video interview with the head of Afghanistan's Music Union, who is a famous folk singer. He was arrested once, and imprisoned and tortured another time, because of two songs
25 February 2008
Aziz Ghaznawi
Video interview with an authority on music administration in Afghanistan. He talks about how music was censored within Radio Television Afghanistan
25 February 2008
Baktash Kamran
Video interview with the lead singer in Kamran Music Group. He speaks about his experiences with music prohibition during the Taliban period in 1996-2001
25 February 2008
Fazl-u-Rahman Wahdat
Video interview with a Pashto folk singer and board member of Afghanistan Music Union. He speaks about the problems which a praisal singer faces when a regime changes
25 February 2008
Farhad Darya
Video interview with Afghanistan's star singer who gives examples of songs which were censored in the period of communist parties in Afghanistan, starting from 1979
25 February 2008
Ghazal Ahmadi
Video interview with an Afghan film actress who explains that she stopped learning how to play the guitar because it became too problematic for her
25 February 2008
Video interview with one of the singers who were forced to sing praisal songs for the Taliban regime. He speaks about his problems with music censorship in this period
25 February 2008
Safdar Tawakoli
Video interview with a Hazara folk singer who explains about his problems as a musician during the Mujahidin period where power in the capital of Afghanistan was fragmented
25 February 2008
Sahar Afarin
Video interview with a 21-year-old Afghan singer who explains how she has been discouraged from music due to pressure from many sides.
25 February 2008
Pakistan: Music and militancy in the frontier (radio report)
This radio report tells about religious militants' attacks on music centres, and the reactions from the owners of the music business in Swat Valley of North-West Pakistan.
25 February 2008
UK: Meeting in London about thought crime and lyrical terrorists
On 26 February 2008 the Manifesto Club in London organises a meeting about free speech and 'thought crime'. Among the speakers are rap artist Aki Nawaz
25 February 2008
The Middle East: New restrictions on satellite tv
Freedom of expression in the Middle East suffered a major setback on 12 February 2008 when 21 information ministers of the Arab League agreed on a new satellite tv charter
20 February 2008
Yemen: Concert became courageous manifestation against terrorism
Syrian singer Assala Nasry defied death threats by al-Qaida members in Yemen before her concert in Aden. The concert became a huge success.
19 February 2008
Iran: Organiser of music concerts sentenced to death
The death sentence on civil rights activist Yaghub Mehrnahad highlights how many Iranians must live with the risk of execution for expressing their views
19 February 2008
Afghanistan / UK: Film festival celebrates banned music
A film festival in Edingburgh entitled 'Reel Afghanistan' celebrates the Afghan art form which was banned by the Taliban: music
18 February 2008
Venezuela: Celebrities support Spanish pop star
More than 100 celebrities signed a letter protesting Venezuela's decision to cancel Alejandro Sanz's concert planned for 14 February 2008
18 February 2008
Zimbabwe: Concert blocked in Norton
'Rock de Vote' concert in Norton was delayed by more than four hours after the council chairman who is a known Zanu PF had called it off the last minute
14 February 2008
Yemen: Singer threatened to be killed if festival is allowed
A new fatwa (religious edict) bans music concerts in Yemen and the Syrian singer Assala Nasry has been threatened she will be killed if she performs in the country
13 February 2008
General Assembly 2008
Information about the next General Assembly.
30 January 2008
Belarus: Bans cultivate opposition, says musician
Musician Ljavon Volski of the rock band N.R.M. have was asked if it is true that bans stimulate development of rock music
29 January 2008
Malaysia: Singer banned for showing bare chest
On 13 January 2008, singer Faizal Tahir courted controversy by removing his shirts to his bare chest and also his belt live on television
29 January 2008
USA: Controversial lyrics lead to concert cancellation
British punk rock band Gallows were removed from the bill of The House Of Blues in California due to offence taken to their lyrics by the owner of the venue, the Disney Company
29 January 2008
Zimbabwe: Rapper advised to change album title
Maskiri, a rapper with an explicit and cutting tongue, has been forced to change the title of his upcoming album in order for him to get airplay from the state broadcaster
25 January 2008
Zimbabwe: Concert blocked in Chiredzi
Police had given permission to a group of musicians to make a 'voter education concert' on 12 December 2007, but the Central Intelligence Organisation blocked the event
24 January 2008
Tanzania: Self-censorship and fear in the "Island paradise"
Threats and intimidations to critical thought expressed through music have reduced musical creations and performances in Zanzibar to mere entertainment function
22 January 2008
Jamaica / USA: Boundaries of freedom of musical expression examined
The boundaries of free speech in today's popular music culture are to be examined in a tv programme recorded in New York, USA, on 7 February 2008
22 January 2008
Afghanistan: Female musicians put their lives in danger
A report from a music school in Kabul is a story about the kind of difficulties and dangers female musicians face in present day Afghanistan. They must work in secret
15 January 2008
Norway: Singer's brother under police protection
Dancer Adil Thathaal received death threats from religious people with Pakistani background because he defended his sister, the singer Deeyah, in a recent interview
15 January 2008
Freemuse campaign: 'Safe cities' should include all artists
Freemuse initiates a campaign for inclusion of musicians and other artists in the Danish 'safe cities' system
10 January 2008
Cyberspace: Freemuse blacklisted in free encyclopedia
An article about Freemuse in stands to be deleted, according to the administrators of the socalled 'free' encyclopedia
08 January 2008
Senegal: Cote d'Ivoirian reggae singer banned in Senegal
Reggae singer Tiken Jah Fakoly from Cote d'Ivoire was declared 'persona non grata' in Senegal in December 2007, after critizing Senegal's president and calling for democracy
08 January 2008
Zimbabwe: 'Travelling concert' highlights repression
A 'travelling concert' event gives stage to Zimbabwean artists who have suffered censorship of some of their work on state-controlled radio and television.
07 January 2008
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