Human Rights for Musicians



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Human rights for musicians — The Freemuse story
Ten years of Freemuse — A view from the chair

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Deeyah  —

Norway / Pakistan

Marcel Khalife  —


Roger Lucey  —

South Africa

Ferhat Tunç  —


Farhad Darya  —


Gorki Aguila  —


Mahsa Vahdat  —


Stephan Said  —

USA / Iraq

Salman Ahmad  —

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DeeyahMarcel KhalifeRoger LuceyFerhat TuncFarhad DaryaGorki AguilaMahsa VahdatStephan SaidSalman Ahmad

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Introducing Freemuse • Krister Malm
The organisation that was missing • Morten Kjærum & Klaus Slavensky
Exploring South Africa’s censored music • Michael Drewett
Talking music and censorship in the Arab world • Layla Al-Zubaidi
Watching the ground • Lingson Adam
Spreading the news • Simon Broughton
Researching “Can you stop the birds singing?” • John Baily
Folk singer Ferhat Tunç acquitted in Izmir • Jens-Peter Bonde
Freedom of expression — How free is free? • Bente Erichsen
A festival against censorship • Jose Angel Serrano Fernandez
Freemuse inspires research and teaching • Annemette Kirkegaard
Censor meets censored: Freemuse in Harare • Maxwell Sibanda

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I   Media coverage and website
II   Ten years of Freemuse activities — A list of main events
III   Funding
IV   The Freemuse Executive Committee

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The anniversary booklet ‘Human Rights for Musicians: Ten Years with Freemuse’ was published by Freemuse — The World Forum on Music and Censorship — in January 2009. It was edited by Krister Malm .

SBN 978-87-988163-2-4 .

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