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Freemuse has produced reports, books, magazines, CDs, films, videos and radio programmes on music and censorship since 2001.


The Freemuse report series analyze mechanisms and effects of music censorship and restrictions in various countries.

The series include reports and article compilations from three World Conferences on Music and Censorship organised by Freemuse. One report addresses visa issues related to music activities.

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Freemuse in 2013 published ‘Music, Culture & Conflict in Mali’ by Andy Morgan. The book takes an in-depth look at the crisis following the ten-month occupation of the northern two-thirds of Mali by armed jihadi groups. The book examines the roots of those tumultuous events and their effect on the music and culture of the country.

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The book ‘Shoot the Singer! Music Censorship Today’ was edited by Freemuse Executive Director Marie Korpe and published by Zed Books in 2004. The book surveys contemporary cases of music censorship worldwide and examines the causes, methods and logic behind attempts to prevent people from hearing certain kinds of music by governments, commercial corporations and religious authorities.
The book has been translated and published in Italy ‘Sparate sul pianista!’ by EDT and in Finland ‘Ampukaa artisti’ by LIKE.
The English version includes a sample CD.


Freemuse celebrated its 10th anniversary with the booklet ‘Human Rights for Musicians – Ten Years with Freemuse’. The booklet reflects on the fight against music censorship mainly through statements from censored and persecuted musicians.


Freemuse has collaborated on various magazines focusing on music censorship.

‘Smashed Hits 2.0’ was published in 2010 by Index on Censorship and produced in collaboration with Freemuse. It includes an article by Freemuse founders Marie Korpe and Ole Reitov. The ‘Smashed Hits’ title is a reference to another issue on music and censorship, published by Index on Censorship and co-edited by Freemuse founders Marie Korpe & Ole Reitov in 1998 in connection with the 1st World Conference on Music Censorship.

• In 2006, Freemuse collaborated with the Turkish Magazine Bant on a special edition focusing on Censorship in Music.

• ‘Don’t Stop the Music’ is a special of issue of the education Magazine ZAPP on censorship of music was published by Danish Association for International Co-operation and Freemuse in 2004. The magazine was distributed to selected schools in Afghanistan, South Africa, Ghana, and Palestine.


• In 2010, Freemuse co-produced ‘Listen to the Banned’ in collaboration with the artist Deeyah and Grappa Records. The CD is a unique collection of contemporary songs by artists who have been censored, persecuted, taken to court, imprisoned and even tortured for a very simple reason — their music.

• In 2013, Freemuse co-sponsored the release of the CD ‘Festival au Désert – Live from Timbuktu’ published by Clermont.

• In 2006, Freemuse released the CD ‘Alocha’, with newly composed songs for Afghan children, produced by Dr Samay Hamed.

• Other songs and samples of banned music have been produced as inlays to Freemuse country reports focusing on Afghanistan and Belarus.


‘Stopping the music’ is the story of a South African protest singer and the security branch policeman assigned to end his career. The events surrounding the central confrontation in the film took place in apartheid South Africa in the late 1970s and early 1980s. The 50-minute documentary focuses specifically on the relationship between Roger Lucey and Paul Erasmus and is ultimately a story of reconciliation in a country once torn apart by severe racial and ideological conflict. ‘Stopping the Music’ was produced by Michael Drewett in 2002. Education material related to the film was produced and used in South Africa.


Freemuse has produced more than 50 video interviews with censored artists and statements from individuals active within music.
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Since 2011 Freemuse has broadened its scope to include projects advocating freedom of all artistic expressions and initiated the global network artsfex for the protection of artistic freedom. Freemuse published two reports from The World Conference on Artistic Freedom of Expression ‘All that is Banned is desired’, co-organised with Fritt Ord in October 2012. The conference video and 19 interviews with participating artists can be watched on


Freemuse has over the years contributed to various books and newspapers.

• A historical view on music censorship written by Freemuse co-founders Martin Cloonan, Marie Korpe and Ole Reitov can be found in ‘Music and Manipulation’ published in 2006 by Berghahn Books.

• An article on music censorship in Africa written by Korpe/Reitov is published in ‘Sounds of Change – Social and Political Features of Music in Africa’ published by SIDA and can be downloaded at

• Freemuse has published a range of in-depth articles written by scholars and journalists