Russia: Jailed Pussy Riot member in hunger strike

Maria Alyokhina in prison. Photo: courtesy of RIA Novosti

Maria Alyokhina in prison. Photo: courtesy of RIA Novosti

Freemuse Statement regarding Maria Alyokhina:

Freemuse learns with dismay of the launching of a hunger strike by jailed Pussy Riot member Maria Alyokhina, in protest against the brutal conditions of her detention and the lack of fairly adjudicatation of her conviction.

Freemuse sent an appeal to Russian President Vladimir Putin, Kirill I of the Russian Orthodox Church, and public and district prosecutor and the district court which prosecuted members of Pussy Riot, calling for a fail and free trial for the members of the band.

We reiterate our belief that the conviction of the band members is a violation of their free speech right. International law requires that any restriction be proportionate. Freemuse believes the nature of the Pussy Riot action in the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour does not justify recourse to criminal law

We call upon the Russian authorities to end the harsh measures Alyokhina has faced during her imprisonment, and to apply internationally recognized standards and fair and equitable treatment as her parole process continues, during which she has been denied the right to appear at her own hearing.

We remind the Russian authorities of their obligations to protect freedom of speech and artistic expressions under international law through the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, to which Russia is a signatory.

We urge the Russian government to abide by its international commitments regarding this case, and vis-a-vis the broader climate for freedom of artistic and particularly musical expression in the country.

Marie Korpe
Executive Director