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    اقرأ التعريف في العربية Lhaqed – المغرب: ينبغي إسقاط التهم عن مغني الراب ال Cheb Hasni – الشاب حسني: ذاكرة الرومانسية العربية Matoub Lounès – معطوب الوناس: محاكمة وتناقضات الشاب حسني: ذاكرة الرومانسية العربية معطوب الوناس: محاكمة وتناقضات تقرير من مؤتمر حرية التعبير الذي عقد في بيروت، أكتوبر/تشرين الأول 2005. تعريف سريع وترحيب المدة 52 [...]
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    Presentación de Freemuse 20 October 2008 Bellavista Social Club Vídeo con los raperos colombianos del grupo Bellavista Social Club, donde narran sus experiencias de persecución por fuerzas oscuras en la ciudad de Medellín 20 October 2008 Pasajeros Vídeo con los raperos Colombianos Don Vito y David Medina explicando como fueron acusados por terrorismo sus compañeros [...]
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    PÅ DANSK Velkommen til den dansk-sprogede sektion af Freemuse.org Tre seneste historier på freemuse.org, som relaterer til Danmark Freemuse og Pussy Riot-medlem taler om ytringsfrihed Ved en international konference i Bruxelles taler Ole Reitov, Freemuse, og det frigivne Pussy Riot-medlem Yekaterina Samutsevich om ytringsfrihed, teknologi og ophavsret 18 February 2013 Norge: Harstad er verdens første [...]
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      Norwegians present the first ever ‘safe haven city’ for persecuted musicians One hour video recording of the seminar in Norway: - about freedom of expression for musicians, and about the new ‘Safe City’ initiative SafeMuse  Read more… Freemuse’s latest news stories > More news Freemuse has documented violations of freedom of expression in 120 [...]
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    Log-on FREEMUSE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Updated: 23 September 2008 Martin Cloonan (UK) Chairperson of Freemuse. Professor of Popular Music Politics, Department of Music, University of Glasgow. Author of ‘Banned! Censorship of Popular Music in Britain: 1967-1992′ (Arena, 1996), co-editor of ‘Policing Pop’ (Temple University Press, 2003), co-editor of Popular Music Censorship in Africa (Ashgate, 2006) and author of [...]
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    LINKS RELATED HUMAN RIGHTS ORGANISATIONSIn alphabetical order Amnesty InternationalA democratic, self-governing movement – independent of any government, political ideology, economic interest or religion. Amnesty International’s mission is to undertake research and action to prevent and end grave abuses of the rights to freedom of conscience and expression. Article 19Human rights organisation with a specific mandate [...]
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    NEWS 2004 Read more:News 2003
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    FREEMUSE ACTIVITIES [ 1997 ] [ 1998 ] [ 1999 ] [ 2000 ] [ 2001 ] [ 2002 ] [ 2003 ][ 2004 ] [ 2005 ] [ 2006 ] [ 2007 ] [ 2008 ] [ 2009 ] [ 2010 ][ 2011 ] In the left margin, you can see four main categories of Freemuse’s activities. <- If you seek information about what Freemuse’s activities were in a specific year, then click on the timeline above. 2012 Artsfex – a new global network advocating and defending artistic freedom of expressionOctober    Artsfex was formed after the [...]
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    KNOWLEDGE BASE | Articles | Speeches | Radio programmes |  | Music albums | Books | Films | Video clips |   | Freemusepedia – ‘open source encyclopedia’ and timeline  |  The ’Knowledge Base’ is a kind of ’Study Room’ where you can find links to Freemuse’s in-depth articles and radio programmes, lists of and references to useful publications and research material about music censorship — recommended reading, listening and viewing. You can also find Freemusepedia — [...]
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    Freemuse secretariat About the staff and the Freemuse office in Copenhagen 29 September 2013 Ole Reitov Interim Director Co-editor of ‘Smashed Hits – the Book of Banned Music’. Took the initiative to the 1st World Conference on Music and Censorship. Has lectured world-wide on music censorship, cultural policies and cultural diversity. Has worked as media [...]
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    Freemuse secretariat Tel: (+45) 3332 1027 Postal address Freemuse Skindergade 15, (2nd floor) DK-1159 Copenhagen K Email: freemuse@freemuse.org Danish VAT (CVR) number DK28161921 Freemuse is registered in Denmark as a non-profit organisation.  Special info for students: Please read this before you contact Freemuse About the Freemuse SecretariatStaff and office
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    ABOUT FREEMUSE FREEMUSE – THE WORLD FORUM ON MUSIC AND CENSORSHIP is an independent international membership organisation advocating and defending freedom of expression for musicians and composers worldwide. UN SPECIAL CONSULTATIVE STATUS Freemuse has Special Consultative Status with the United Nation‘s Economic and Social Council, ECOSOC, since 2012. FREEMUSE CHARTER Freemuse is governed by its [...]
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